K Latha Narasimhamurthy
Former Corporator, Ward 174, Bangalore
Ex Non-Official Director, Bharat Dynamics Ltd

Future Plans

Lake development

Bangalore city is expanding very fast. On one hand, we are facing drinking water problem while on the other hand ground water level is fast depleting. This will definitely lead us into chaos. In this background lake development programme will be taken up. Work on Agara Lake is already on.

Auditorium and Community Center

The layout is in need of an auditorium and a community center for hosting performances, classes etc which build the sense of community. Every effort will be made to provide such a facility to the community.

Cycle Track

For the safety of the cyclists a cycle track is being planned in the ward. The seperated cycle track encourages more people to take up cycling in keeping with the cleaner and greener Bangalore.


A playground is an essential part of growing up. Keeping the children in mind the plans for providing a playground are being made. Building a multi-purpose sports complex will also be taken up.

Medical Camp

Medical Help � Health is wealth. Many poor people are deprived of suitable medical assistance and many lives are lost. Therefore priority will be given for building a General Hospital and Maternity Hospital. Along with these, efforts will be made to conduct Specialist medical camps regularly.

Medicinal Garden

Our country is full of natural resources. By inhaling the breeze through naturally grown medicinal plants it is a fact that we will be free from diseases. But in our Garden city of Bangalore number of medicinal plants have considerably come down. It is proposed to have an exclusive garden of medicinal plants.

Vocational training

Future of India is closely knitted with computers. Therefore everyone needs computer knowledge. Efforts will be made in achieving computer literacy among everyone. To this end, computers will be set up in government schools in collobaration with IT companies such as Infosys.


Improvement of Corporation schools and development of Government schools is on the agenda. These schools and colleges lack basic amenities. To safeguard the interests of these students, corporation and Government schools will be improved on a war footing by providing basic facilities.

Rain Water Harvesting

As citizens it is our duty to adopt Rain water harvesting to improve the water table. The corollary to this is going to be community level rain water harvesting and storm water harvesting. Rain water harvesting would be implemented on priority basis.

Organic Waste Convertor

By managing waste properly, not only do we create a clean layout but also contribute to our environment. In this direction an organic waste convertor will be setup .

Public Toilets

Public toilets will be built to address the basic need, health and hygine concerns.

Water Supply

Erratic Water supply is very common as Bangalore it is growing beyond its seams. Various plans have not yielded the desired results. Priority will be given for every citizen to have access to safe, potable water by preventing any leakages in distribution system, repair of the damaged water tanks and building new overhead tanks.